Super Mario Wonder Ball

I've found these Wonder Balls a few times. They are kind of like a Kinder Egg but there is cany inside the chocolate balls and the prize just sits in the box.

Here are a few close up shots of the box

here is the ball in the foil and two bonus stickers also in the box.

There are 3 prizes that I've managed to get in 3 balls.

If I manage to get another one I'll take pictures of the candies and hopefully the unwrapped ball.

TMNT Bricks

Clear/Crystal TMNT Mega Bloks/Constuct figures.

Switch Controllers

Just indulging in the pleasing aesthetics of swapping Switch controllers.

Ms. Pacman

That is a working Ms. Pacman machine. On a key chain. I’m tech guy so I’m not surprised that it is possible but the difference in scale from the original cabinet is something to appreciate.


Lego minifig dump.

I'm a monster and kept my mini figs in this box. Now they are in a bigger tub.


Series 18